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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Defending Felicia? No need, she's got it covered.

So then, while I've been busy doing stuff* I've missed out on what can only be described as a avalanche of hate directed at a video posted this week.

Read the full post:

See the video:

 Gamer Girl, Country Boy - Felicia Day & Jason Charles Miller


  1. In the early days of lonelygirl15 I recall a few community members who were totally crushed by comments. And i mean crushed to the point where they were in tears and about to give up. Youtube can be a brutal place. With a little support, encouragement, and comfort from their friends in the community they went on to produce great series. We all know now that you have to have a thick skin on Youtube.

    That said, the World has entered a period when almost everything has become polarized. So many are just yelling out of some blind loyalty to some position or platform. Who is really listening to the other side? Who is trying to understand? People jump into attack mode for the sole reason of being in attack mode? They want to impress the World, but for all the wrong reasons.

    Felicia, on the other hand, impresses the World for all the right reasons Hopefully that will become the model of the future.


  2. Felicia is at a crossroads right now. She went 6 months to a year between blog posts and virtually disappeared from her fans for far longer. (Compare this to James Rolfe who interacted/communicated with his fans constantly throughout the 2-3 months he was away from his Cinemassacre/AVGN stuff to make the AVGN Movie.) She can't hide behind suits or she runs the risk of being out of touch with her own fans. Once you lose that, you can never get it back as EQAL learned the hard way.

    1. James is amazing at treating his fans well.

    2. YouTube is certainly turning out to be a much more robust platform than a lot of the "experts" predicted. Those who have worked on building up their YouTube fan base now have considerable "power" in the entertainment industry. Hopefully that power will not be surrendered to the "gatekeepers".


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