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Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to get the most out of Web Series Today #2

First, we just sent out some new "author invites", so a big welcome to new "authors". If you have not read part #1 in this series of posts you will find it here.  Note that there are still a number of pending invites that were sent out several weeks ago. If you think you did not get one, make sure that you check your junk mail/spam folder to see if it ended up there by mistake!

A key to getting the most out of Web Series Today is to set realistic expectations. This is not a sprint, its a long distance. If you expect to make one post and see a massive spike in views it is highly probable that you will be sadly disappointed. Set realistic expectations and be prepared to invest in the long run. As mentioned in part #1 of this series of posts, one of the keys is to interact with other "authors" and commenters on Web Series Today.

Pay attention to the "story stream" feature on Blogger. If you add a unique tag/label for your post on Blogger it will create a "category" for all those posts. By then clicking on the series name tag/label under the post it will take you to a "story stream" for that series. Basically it is like a blog with only posts about that series. If you created the show, or are just a fan of the show, take this link and share it with your friends. Normally other authors will not use the tag for a series unless they make a post related to that series, in which case it will be added to the story stream. If you are the author of the post make sure you have the correct tag/label added to all the posts in the series so that the story stream curates the entire series. Check the story stream and if you find one missing go back and add the tag/label to the post. From time to time we will also use a story stream to promote a series on Facebook or Google+ or a special header here on Web Series Today.  Finally if a reader enjoys a post, most understand that they can click on the tag/label for the series and see more posts about it.

Examples of story streams:

How to get the most out of Web Series Today

The Fine Brothers: VOTE KIDS REACT!

If you are making a post, pay attention to the size of the embed code you use. The width that fits the available space on Web Series Today is 640. If you choose that size you will give viewers thee best impression of the video.

Icons on videos count. This has been key since day one of Web series and it is just as true today. It is especially important on a blog like Web Series Today because you get one chance to make an impression and make a video stand out. Many will decide whether to watch a video, or not, based solely on the icon. If the video does not have a good icon then think of adding a screen shot to your post to entice the reader into watching the video. There is an old saying that a post is only as good as the title and the lead "photo".

Pay attention to the title of the post. Readers have previously made it very clear that they like to know which series a post is about, so having the name of the series in the title of the post is a good idea. This also helps with Google search which is a key way of getting hits/views on Web Series Today.

Remember, the details count. 

Finally, almost all communications about Web Series Today take place here on the blog because we are a community blog.  If you have a question about how to do something ask one of the authors.  If they do not know, then ask another.  That is how communities work.  We help each other and with time we grow stronger.

If you have a question leave a comment below.  If you read part #1 of this series and you do not leave a comment then you are dead to me. If you actually read part #1 you will know that is not true, but you will probably understand the significance.  See, I told you, the details count!


  1. Why not change this god awful layout into something OTHER than a stock blogger template? Then once the site looks like it belongs in 2012, we'll come back.

    Signed, everyone who has left this place in the past 3 years.

  2. Which template do you suggest they use?
    I do somewhat agree with you that the template may be a bit outdated but I assume there is a good reason it hasn't been changed.

  3. The main reason is just a question of time.

    However, expect some design changes to begin sometimes soon, time willing.

  4. does anon EVER make positive contributions?


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