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Sunday, June 17, 2012

IAWTV: How To Create A Pay Model for Your Web Series

Now I’ll share with you the process of how we went from a free site to a pay site.

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  1. There is probably no quicker way to burn your relationships with at least some of your fan base than pulling content from "free sites."

    As a strategy the need for exclusive content is understandable, but just remember that you are burning everyone, including all the blogs that supported your content if you pull content from "free sites" to achieve the goal of exclusive content.

  2. PPV "can" work but I think the mistake people make is hiding established works that were free previously instead of using said works to promote something new that has to be paid for.

    Venice has done a decent job of maintaining their freeweb presence on Youtube and elsewhere while using the free stuff to drive traffic to the pay stuff. Cinemax and HBO also do this on their own Youtube channels as well.


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