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Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Story IS the Fan's Voice!

As the host of RHeart Radio, the Fan's Voice, I get a lot of feedback from fans frustrated by the lack of attention and relevance networks give them. Ultimately fans just want to be heard, which is why it is difficult for me to understand how getting behind this new web series has been an uphill battle.  While I sympathize with the fact that due to the economy budgets are tight (mine sure is!), but I don't see why any soap fan couldn't donate just one dollar to this project?  If all soap fans gave one dollar, we could ensure several seasons and get hit the ground running!  

'My Story' is a new web series created by Heather DiPietro, whom you might recognize as an Associate Producer for the Soap Life Documentary produced by Matthew DeMatto, NYPSTV.  It centers around a college student who has watched her soap opera 'Moments Of Our Time', for most of her life.  We will see not only her life, but also follow her soap as the series unfolds. 'MY STORY' is one of the first web series that will weave soap fan's stories into the show, finally highlighting a lacking ingredient within modern network soap operas.  How did you begin watching soaps?  Was it with your mother, grandmother or did your soap opera help get you through a traumatic event in your life?  Did it bring your family or friends closer together? Were there characters you identified with because you were going through a similar situation in your life?  We'll follow our soap fan as she navigates the fan boards on the web, passionately defends her favorite characters and actors...all based on the realities of soap fans today!

Heather has been hard at work shooting the first season, however in order to get it completed we need your help! All I'm asking is each of you please just donate $1 and we can hopefully unveil this great new series dedicated to soap fans!  We have less than 24 hours!  Not sure you want to support it yet?  Here's a little sneak peek.

You can also view other videos uploaded on YT that gives you an idea what the series will be about and who is the cast is:  My Story YouTube Channel

To donateMy Story Indiegogo

Please ensure season 1 of this innovative web series is finished!  Questions?  Contact Heather at: [email protected]


  1. This post might be of interest to you:


    The same applies to most things in the Web space. To get support you need to invest in communities and getting to know others in those communities who might support your project. Unless you have a big name giving you the "rub" there is really no other way than one by way. Yes it is incredibly time consuming but the rewards of getting to know other makes it worth it.

  2. Hi! I hear ya! I'm all over believe me! I have 3 websites, the radio show and I'm constantly on twitter & FB. It's a daunting task, but I'm up for the challenge! LOL :D

  3. Remember to RT your posts on the Twitterz and post on FB if u want:)


    Also a common mistake is that pple confine them self to pple they know, rather than watching content they don't know and getting to know new pple. Thats a great approach because the more new pple you get to know the more pple you have promoting ur work. But u prob already know that already:):):)

    Good luck.

  4. Thanks sooo much!!! Still trying to get the hang of this social networking thing. :)


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