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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nominations for the Board of Directors of the IAWTV #IAWTV

Indie Intertube hosted an informal chat between most of the prospective members of the Board of the International Academy of Web Television. Those mentioned on the show included:

Susan Miller https://twitter.com/#!/susanmillernyc
Frank Chindamo https://twitter.com/#!/Funlittlemovies
Scott Napolitano https://twitter.com/#!/SuperScottNa
Jenni Powell (incumbent) https://twitter.com/#!/JenniPowell
Paul Kontonis (incumbent) https://twitter.com/#!/kontonis
Jared Hoy https://twitter.com/#!/jaredhoy
April Grant http://twitter.com/destini41
Amanda Shockley https://twitter.com/#!/Shadhavare

The full list can be found at:

 Listen to the show:
Others nominated: Corey Moss, Doug Luberts, Emmett Furey, J. Sibley Law, Larry Tanz, Lasse Hoegfeldt, Philip Nelson, Rafi Mamalian, Scott Napolitano, Tim Street and Will Hughes.


  1. I believe it was Frank Chindamo who suggested that one of the benefits of paying to be a member of the iAWTV should be that members would have a system of helping each other. They were very clear that the benefit should be EXCLUSIVE to members only.

    The only problem with this is that Web series community members have always helped each other. Does this mean the IAWTV wants to promote a system where by unless you pay to join you do not receive help. If so, that would be less than what we started with, so where is the gain for the community? That is the problem with this type of group; they can end up doing more harm than good by erecting artificial walls.

  2. They don't call them the bubble for nothing...

    1. Ha, it was interesting to hear Jenni actually use the term "bubble" during the show. It appears to have taken on a life all of its own.



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