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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Main Cast Interview for NIGHTS IN ULTRAVIOLET

We're gearing up to watch the Season 1 Finale of the dark comedy soap opera, Nights In UltraViolet, which airs this Thursday.


To celebrate, we caught up with two of Night's lead actors and Brooklyn's favorite bosom buddies, Carlo Johnson (Doug Slate) and Rob Michael Hugel (Virgil Arckany). Together they talk filming, friendship, and food.

The world of Nights feels like you're walking through a strange, peculiar dream. How was filming it?
ROB: Working on Nights was very different than other projects I'd worked on. The crew was consistent and it became a little side family. We'd spent a whole weekend together filming, take a few weeks apart, and then get back together and start joking around again. Everyone was great and it was pretty much a nonstop giggle fest. 
CARLO: Nights was actually the first live-action production I've ever worked on (with the exception of a bit part in a rather embarrassing community college play, Dark of the Moon), so it was such a fun experience and something I've wanted to do for a long time. So many of the actors and crew were strangers when we filmed, but have now become great friends. I think that camaraderie really comes across on screen. 
The origin story of Doug and Virgil's friendship is hilarious but definitely creepy. Are there any similarities between you and your characters?
CARLO: Definitely. Because Matt and Katie wrote the character with me in mind, a lot of my personality made its way into Doug. The moodiness, the frustration, the meticulous, nit-picky obsessive compulsions. I sound great, don't I?
ROB: I feel very similar to Virgil in some ways and different in others. He's very childlike which I feel connected to--in that he's kind of random and always has some food to snack.  
What was the weirdest moment you experienced on the set?
CARLO: Kissing a stranger with a crew watching intently.
ROB:  My weirdest moment on set was probably when I was doing "the wake up from nightmare" scene. In the same shot, I had to shoot up out of bed and scream, then immediately stuff potato chips in my mouth. On the third take or so, my body was tired and made a huge involuntary gasp just as I was stuffing potato chips in my mouth, and I inhaled a handful of them. So I coughed a bunch and most of it came out. But I felt like something was stuck until a day later when I finally coughed and an intact piece of potato chip flew out of my mouth into my hand. It was like something out of a web series called Nights In Ultraviolet. But in real life.

There are a number of important "food moments" in Nights, particularly pizza. What's your favorite?
CARLO: Chicken & Broccoli.
ROB: The broccolini and italian sausage slice from Carmine's on Graham Ave in Brooklyn, or just Papa Johns.
You two sound like a perfect match. Are you guys friends in real life?
CARLO:  Rob and I? Yes, very good friends. Of course, we barely knew each other when filming began. Somewhere amongst all the pizza, coffee and sleep deprivation we definitely bonded, though.
ROB: Yes except I probably wouldn't just walk into Carlo's house without asking, but I would eat his food without asking.

Final Episode of Season One Nights In UltraViolet airs this Thursday, June 28th. Keep Watch at www.nightsinuv.com and follow their Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.


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