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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Soap Opera Convention???

All soap fans young and old have suffered great losses in the past year and a half at the hands of changing tides within network television.  But does that mean soaps are falling out of popularity??? Hardly!  In fact, soap operas continue to thrive on network primetime and now online, as many of our favorite daytime actors, creators and producers migrate to the web. 

Fans have been screaming to BE HEARD and counted...how do you feel about a large 2 or 3 day Soap Opera Convention that covers daytime, primetime and online scripted serials???  If you want it, you have to DEMAND IT!!!  Jason Spitzer is interested in your thoughts on this.  Please vote now and pass it along to your friends, post it on your blogs, facebook pages, tweet it out...this will be an unprecedented, long overdue homage to our soaps, but it won't happen unless you tell us you want it!

To vote, go to: Soap Opera Convention Poll by Save The Soap Genre



  1. https://www.facebook.com/SaveTheSoapGenre


  2. Also, like and share on FB http://www.facebook.com/webseriestoday

  3. A Soap Opera convention would be so much fun. They have conventions for everything else why not Soap Opera? There are so many areas that could be included Daytime, Primetime, and of course Webseries. Be sure to vote, let's make this happen.

  4. I'm surprised that this didn't start 20 years ago.

  5. Oh, this is just SO right !

    A few of us on our new soap (Milgram And The Fastwalkers), have done bits (U/5s), on the network soaps over the years. And we began to love the soap format from a standing start, stemming from that personal on-set experience with the marvelous people who gave us soaps for years from the networks.

    A critical part of that experience has been how remarkably loyal and joyous (and outspoken, ha, ha, ha..), the soap fan base is. For SIXTY years. There is nothing quite like this fan base in all of entertainment.

    While the ad agencies and Neilsens may be indicating it is a "dying" format, we would actively argue against that assertion.

    A subjective counter-assertion: audiences are just time-shifting, and may be harder to track. But the recent popularity of the genre online, we believe, indicates that demand is there. And growing.

    We are seeing a burst-proliferation of terrific, well-written, view-on-your-own-schedule online soaps moving ahead of the mainstream networks. Soap performers now routinely cross over because they genuinely enjoy the scripts they are seeing, and understand intuitively that the world of smart TV and hdmi means soaps anytime, from anywhere, not attached to the old network format-box.

    We believe that in time, as measurability articulates, that the ad community will re-convene and accept our brave online world with all its ups and downs.

    Its why we picked the soap format for our new noir soap series...About UFOs. We felt the market for soaps was being under-served by the networks and mainstream ad community, and we found a subject matter that's never been treated in the soap format. And how can you NOT have fun shooting a soap ?? Can't be done ! :-)

    We LOVE soaps (and avidly watch shows like DeVanity, etc.). We'll definitely be re-posting this polling request !

    Soap Convention ?? Where do we sign up ? How can we help ? :-)

    "Save The Soap Genre" is RIGHT !

  6. Hi Dr. Milgram,

    Thank you sooo much for your insightful and spot on analysis. We feel the same way. I have a feeling this convention will happen, but we need all fans to help us show demand. Please be sure to give people the vote link and tell them to post it EVERYWHERE! I am starting a DeVanity Fan Club and will hopefully handle the web series end of the convention (fingers crossed!). I will definitely check out your series. I host RHeart Radio, the Fan's Voice and we are booked until August, but maybe we can have your group on at some point. Thanks again for your support!

    VOTE! http://t.co/xuwnrV4c

    Chrissy :D


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