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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Introducing The Monday Knights


  1. There are currently 8 episodes available. 9 should be out next Monday, and will no doubt raise the steaks significantly. Better get caught up before then!

    1. The best way to catch readers up to date with the story is to post one per day until you are caught up. If you have additional content to post between episodes then you might post that on alternate days or as appropriate for the series.

      Remember that the story stream for the series will become:


      so consider that in your posting strategy.

  2. Have u watched "Let's Kill John Stamos!"?


    It fairly quick to watch and quite amusing.

  3. This must have taken a lot of work to make. It would be interesting knowing what went into it.

  4. That is an interesting story. I'll talk with my brother and write something up....of course, it isn't over yet.


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