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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Monday Knights - Chapter 2: Sam Weisse the Brave


  1. Ok, that was a lot different from ep 1. Since independent web video consumption tends to be episodic rather than serialized at this stage in the game you might want to consider how u can best bridge episodes in the intro.

  2. Do you mean like a credit roll that introduces the show each episode? At this point we've already finished 9 of the 12 episodes for season 1, so we're locked in, but I think you might be right. We just felt that the episodes were so short, we didn't want to add any filler. Also, the first six episodes were done peace-meal, and it shows. The final six were filmed as a block and feel more connected.

    1. When it comes to Web series the "credit roll" paradigm does not really work in my opinion. It is best to focus on the story and remember that every second matters (literally) and every pixel matters (literally). ANYTHING that distracts from the story be it pre-roll, overlay ad, credits etc etc take away from the story (not everyone will agree with me on that, and you cannot control all of that, but from one viewers perspective that is how it works.

      The key is to control what you can and bring the episodic viewer into the show so that they become a regular viewer.

      So, what i mostly want is "the story so far" told as briefly as possible (CW on TV actually does a good job of this if you need an example). Regular viewers may not need it but in the early phase everything should focus on growing your audience. Once you hit 500,000 views per video you can maybe afford to relax a little.

      It is a learning process and everyone, and every show needs to find its own path.

    2. Also, since u cannot change eps that you have already finished, you might consider adding a pix (screen shot) from a previous ep and a short description of "the series so far".

    3. Ok, that makes sense. I'll start doing that. Thanks.

    4. Yea, it is very easy to think of a Web series as just video, but one of the benefits of the web is that it allows you to use pixs to augment your content and make it more visual as a blog post.

      Also, try and watch your own videos from the perspective of a viewer that is just seeing any given video as their first in the series. Your goal needs to be to capture their interest by making the overall story intelligible without giving away too many spoilers. Eventually you want them to go back and look at the entire series from ep 1 but in the short run you want to draw them into the current video.


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