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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Web Series Today: How to get the most out of Web Series Today #5:Welcome to new "authors"

We recently added another block of new Web Series Today "authors" who will soon be posting to the blog.

 Before you begin posting, please make sure you have read the following very carefully:

 1. How to get the most out of Web Series Today: http://bit.ly/howtoWST

 2. Web Series Today FAQ: http://bit.ly/WSTFAQ

Remember, this is a shared community blog and like any other shared space it is a good idea to start out by getting to know other community members. This includes our readers, other "authors", commenters and most importantly Tachyfin (who you will find down the right hand bar on the blog). You can start out by simply introducing yourself with a comment on this post, or if you prefer write an introductory post and tell us about your self.  Alternatively, just read/watch posts by other authors and comment on their posts.  The more you get to know and interact with other members of the community the more responsive they are likely to be to anything you eventually post.

If you applied to become an author and did not receive an invite, check your junk/spam e-mail folder. If you are sure you do not have an invite, then send a new "author request" as described in the link below a.s.p.a.:



  1. Incidentally, you can feed Tachyfin by using the shaker on the left of the fish bowl.


  2. Also, make sure to follow/join Web Series Today on the various social media platforms (which you can always find on the right hand menu and also in the top menu under "social":





  3. Hey, my name is Reed and I'm new to the site. I've been working on a new Web Series called The Monday Knights, so I'll probably start off posting about that. Always fun to check out all the other cool stuff going on in the free and easy world of web series, though!

    1. Yea there is a lot going on..........and hopefully this blog plays a role in helping pple find stuff and stay up to date. Looking forward to learning more about your series.

      What Web series, if any have you been watching lately?

    2. Incidentally, your name reminded me of another "Reed". Check him out if you are not familiar........he is part of Web series history:


  4. Whoah! Looks like I have some big shoes to fill.

    I've been sampling a lot of different series lately, trying to get a feel for what's working. Aidan 5 definitely got me excited. I seem to be drawn to comedies a bit more...Tiny Apartment seems pretty good. Again, a lot of material to sift through....enough to make a comedic web series review about web series, in fact....

  5. I don't know that it's the best idea for me to commit to being an author, but I would love to have our series featured on this site! I'm a NYC-based actress who's writing/directing/starring in "Mythos," currently fundraising at http://indiegogo.com/mythosseries (our teaser trailer is up there too!), and I've starred in two other webseries as well, one of which was the critically-acclaimed "Casters" (http://blip.tv/casters). I'm super-enthusiastic about the webseries community and love keeping up with many of the fantastic shows, as well as networking with other indie content producers! If there's any way one of the current authors would be willing to post about "Mythos," I'd be so grateful!

    1. FYI:

      If you want any more info added you can have cast/crew add it in comments to the post.

      For regular coverage the best way is to sign up to become an author or get to know other authors that will post on your behalf (the best way to do this is to watch their shows and leave comments on their posts.)


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