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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When I first saw this new web series up for an award on Mingle TV I was like, seriously?  However, when I saw this sock with crazy eyes my curiosity was peaked so I ventured on, thinking there is no way this could be worthy of an award nomination…I was wrong!  I couldn’t stop laughing with each new episode and decided the world really needed to know all about ‘Revenge of the Sock’ and his evil plan for world domination!  The series centers around a sock, a serial killer who is trying to get enough money to hatch his evil plan- whichever one he’s working on at the moment- such as planning to marry a very old wealthy woman, poisoning his roommate or ransoming him with his girlfriend for money!  If you have an off-beat and somewhat morbid sense of humor like I do, I highly recommend this unique, ingenious & diabolical series!  

Join us on RHeart Radio, the Fan's Voice tomorrow night (8/1) at 10pm (ET) as we chat with the creator of this hilarious web comedy, Micah DelHauer.  RHEART RADIO, the FAN'S VOICE!

Check out the recap  and then help ensure there is a Season 2 by donating to their Indiegogo Campaign.... THERE MUST BE WORLD DOMINATION!!!!  

             REVENGE OF THE SOCK RECAP              DONATE             

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