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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fumbling Delivers Season 2 w/a Bang!

Wednesday Fumbling Thru The Pieces started their second season and didn't skip a beat!  This quirky, fun loving and hilarious show created by Julie A. Smith is one of the best web series out there.  Last season ended with the news Jesse's husband actually had 2 wives and this season began with Ellie and Jesse's mother strolling back into town w/her partner Janice.  Ellie almost had a stroke when her mother explained they had been on a retreat 'finding themselves', stripped naked and threw their clothes in the fire!  Hilary B. Smith delivered a great performance as always, clearly unnerved, especially when her mother announced they would be in town....permanently! 

Of course the premeire couldn't be complete without Ellie's psychic friend Barb trying to 'read' her husband Vince and wacky neighbor Shara showing up, camera in tow to film the family reunion!  I loved it!  All I can say is, Ellie and hubby Vince have their hands full with lot more drama to come as Ellie is being sued!

Michele Lee and Bobby Eakes join the cast this season, along with Dale Rahol who I have a feeling Ellie will welcome just as much as her own mother!  If you want a show with a stellar, awarding winning cast and amazing writing, you must see Fumbling Thru The Pieces!!

Website: Fumbling Thru The Pieces Website
Twitter: @FumblingPieces

1 comment:

  1. Never thought I could love Fumbling more but I do!! Thank you Jules for creating such a wonderful show that I completely adore!!


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