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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jane, Cheeks & Sean Oh My....

One of my favorite web comedies is 'HUSBANDS', so when I heard creators Jane Espenson, Brad 'Cheeks' Bell and co-star Sean Hemeon were going to be in Seattle for the Geek Girl Convention, I changed my hair appointment!  It was a great decision!  Not only did we get a panel discussion, but they gave us the a sneak peek of the first episode of Season 2, which will premiere at the prestigious 'The Paley Center' on Monday, August 13th.  It's a groundbreaking moment as HUSBANDS will be the first web series presented at the famous center and though many might be surprised, it's a no-brainer for those of us who are great fans of the web sitcom.

'HUSBANDS' creator, writer, star Brad Bell initially rose to stardom via YouTube, as his alter ego 'Cheeks' and gained a massive following.  Ironically the incomparable, talented writer Jane Espenson sought out Cheeks in hopes of writing a new web series after seeing one of his videos on the social network and the rest is history!  After a long search to find a hubby for Cheeks, Sean was literally the last actor they saw and received a call at about 4 in the afternoon, then quickly returned for a photo shoot!  I say, great choice!

If you have an off-beat sense of humor and just want to laugh this quirky, fun web series for you!  During the panel Cheeks and Jane explained the goal really wasn't to create a web series about a 'gay couple', but to do something different that people would find entertaining- they definitely hit the mark!  The trio had us laughing and Cheeks even had the hots for one of the audience members...who was married!  LOL

I was lucky enough to meet them and I will never forget it.  Thanks to Jane, Cheeks and Sean for taking the time to chat with me, as well as do a little promo for RHeart Radio!

To catch up, watch Season One, go to: Husbands Season One
To watch Season Two beginning Wednesday, August 15th: Husbands Season Two

Follow on Twitter: @TeamHusbands, @JaneEspenson, @GoCheeksGo, @seanhemeon

Join us on RHeart Radio, the Fan's Voice, Wednesday at 10pm (ET) as we dedicate a segment to HUSBANDS and give you a full recap of their Girl Geek Convention Panel in Seattle:


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