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Thursday, October 18, 2012

♥DeVanity S3: A Fine Line Between Love, Hate & Jewelry!

I have been sworn to secrecy during a covert operation ceremony, so I can't reveal any details but what I CAN say, is the trailer for Season 3 of DeVanity


Fans are in for a jaw-dropping, deliciously devilish, bitch slapping wild ride as the rivalry between jewelry moguls Regis & DeVanity heats up!   Season 3 promises to give fans a more in depth look at the saucy characters we've come to love, with each episode running about 15-17 minutes.  

Several heavy-hitters are guest starring, including legendary Gordon Thomson as Preston Regis, who some might remember as Adam Carrigan from the hit primetime serial Dynasty.  Also joining the cast is Arianne Zucker, who is most known as Nichole on Days of Our Lives.  She'll be playing sister Julia Regis to her real-life hubby Kyle Lowder's Andrew Regis.   Veteran Maxwell Caulfield will give us our first glimpse at DeVanity Patriarch Richard, who was supposedly murdered by his "crazed lover".  Things will really heat up when the patriarch's sister, Francisca DeVanity arrives, played by Dallas veteran Charlene Tilton.  Robin Riker returns as Alex & Isabelle's mother Angelica Roth- will she have to bury one child just as another is found?  It all remains to be seen!

No matter what's in store, we're in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride!   The official Season 3 trailer will be released November 4th and the Season 3 premiere is set for January 10th, 2013!  So gear up for a get down and dirty season of your favorite Thursday night guilty pleasure...DEVANITY!

Going through withdrawals waiting for the new season to begin?  We had a fun night chatting with Alexis Zibolis (Lara), Katie Caprio (Bianca), Jaclyn Lyons (Isabelle) & of course, Michael Caruso (Jason), who crashed the party!  Check it out...

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