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Friday, October 5, 2012

♥Help Find A Cure For Cancer & Save A Life....

Although it is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I am a HUGE supporter of Susan G. Koman, I decided to take this month to also highlight another cancer that is killing with vengence with no surivors.  If you've never heard of Angiosarcoma, it's a fatal disease that once diagnosed, patients usually succumb to this killer within a year. Even with all our advances in medicine and technology, physicans know very little about this deadly cancer that spreads quickly, with no known treatment to slow down it's damage. My friend Raven has been literally fighting for her life against this cancer and I really want to raise a decent amount of money that will go toward research. Proceeds will go to the Sarcoma Foundation of America for research and the auction is being handled through ebay, partnered with Mission Fish who will distribute the funds directly to the Foundation upon completion of the fundraiser

RHeart's Sarcoma Fundraiser is underway and there are only a couple of days left to bid on some really cool items. Not only will you get great web series and soap memorabilia, but you'll also help us with our goal to help find treatement and a cure for Angiosarcoma!  .  I have spent the past several months compiling a number of items that I think fans would want to bid on.  All the items are original and some were donated by my favorite webseries friends:

DeVanity Autographed S2 DVD & cast photos signed:               
*Michael Caruso
*Alexis Zibolis
*Katie Caprio
*Jaclyn Lyon
*Kyle Lowder

*Necklaces to be aired in S3 worn by Katie Caprio & Jaclyn Lyon

Fumbling Thru The Pieces S2 Script signed by:
*Hilary B. Smith                                                                                 
*Diane Delano
*Kelsey Robinson
*Robert Mafia
*Kitty Swank
*Tara Charcol
*Michele Lee
*Bobbie Eakes

Fumbling Thru The Pieces S1 DVD signed by:
*Hilary B. Smith
*Diane Delano
*Kelsey Robinson

Pretty The Series
*Pretty The Series S1 & S2 DVD
*Pretty The Series Gumdrop The Unicorn Original set prop
*Pretty The Series Waterbottle & 'Don't Make Baby Jesus Cry' candles

Ragged Isle S2 Poster signed by Entire Cast                          

Husbands The Series S2 Photo signed by:   
*Brad 'Cheeks' Bell
*Jane Espenson
*Sean Hemeon

Lots of General Hospital items including:    
*GH Fan Club Wknd T-shirt signed by 30 actors, including Maurice Benard, Vanessa Marcil, Sarah Joy Brown, Laura Wright, Nancy Lee Grahn, Robin Mattson, Michael Easton and more!

*GH Metal Sign from 2011 Fan Club Weekend autographed by several actors including John Ingle, Constance Towers, Megan Ward and more!

*GH Jonathan Jackson's Band Enation T-shirt signed by Jonathan, Richard Jackson & Daniel Sweat

Tons more!  Bid on these great items and save a life!  Link: RHeart Sarcoma Fundraiser


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