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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library S02E02

Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library
Episode 2: Ava’s Last Puzzle,

In The Haunted Library: Episode 2, Ruby Skye is in way over her head. With indisputable paranormal evidence piling up around her, she edges closer and closer to the truth: is the O'Deary Library really haunted after all? And what exactly did happen at the séance? Books can’t slip off of shelves and propel themselves through the air of their own accord…. can they?!

If that weren’t scary enough, it seems like Ruby’s nemesis, Diana Noughton, is haunting the halls of O’Deary Library, too.  Diana has discovered that Ruby’s sister, Hailey, is participating in a fundraising challenge for Because I Am A Girl.  The winner gets tickets to see The Mint Chip Girls in concert.  Diana is determined to win those tickets.  And Ruby is just as determined to prevent her from getting them.

And there’s one more mystery for Ruby to investigate: who is that hot, young man and where does he keep disappearing to? 

Check out the O'Deary Library: http://ODearyLibrary.com
Ava's puzzle site: http://ODearyPuzzles.com
Follow Hailey's Tumblr and her fundraising campaign: http://haileyskye.com
Diana has a Tumblr too: http://mintchipgirl.tumblr.com
Meet The Mint Chip Girls: http://themintchipgirls.com


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