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Friday, November 16, 2012

♥My Story, A Soap Fan's Series....

When I heard there was a new web series dedicated to soap fans my interested was peaked.  For years entertainment media have given soap fans little respect for passionately and completely being immersed in our soaps...but now we have a voice! Heather DiPietro, Associate Producer of Soap Life Documentary,  has created a show to honor loyal fans who have consistently clamored to be recognized called 'My Story'.  What's cool about this show is not only do we follow the lives of college students enthralled in their soap 'Moments of Our Time', we'll also get to see it unfold!  It's an innovative concept long overdue.
In the premiere we become acquainted with 3 college girls- Nicole, Amber & Suzanne who have scheduled classes around their soap which comes on at 2pm.  I have to say I don't think it's a coincidence General Hospital airs at the same time! LOL As the episode unfolds, we hear stories from fans and why they love soaps.  My favorite moment was when 2 ladies getting their hair done rattled off how soaps teach fans via outrageous storylines- "They teach us about crazy bitches, miracle bullet wounds, blackmailing your father-in-law, faking a pregnancy, switching a DNA test, and getting away with murder....and cursing the bride and groom!" 

While the show pokes a little bit of fun at traditional storylines, fans will definitely relate.  How many of us watch our soaps together, spend hours endlessly debating about them, shipping our favorite couples, create fan sites, radio shows, blogs or hop on social networks to show our love?  It has become a daily ritual that when ripped away, leaves a huge hole in our lives.  Just ask All My Children and One Life To Live fans.  As the series progresses, more fan stories will be written into the show to highlight our obsessions, what the world of soap fandom is like and how we zealously defend our soaps!  I don't want to reveal too much, but let's just say going into Seaon Two (hopefully), fiction will mimic real life when 'Moments of Our Time' is on the brink of cancellation!  Sound familiar? 

I've spoken to Heather for many months during the production of 'My Story' and what I love about her view is how she deeply cares about making sure soap fans are seen in a good light.  There is such a stigma that we are lazy, bon bon eating heifers that contribute nothing to society as 'soap fans' when obviously we are quite the opposite!  Not only is Heather a soap fan, she only hired people for the project who truly believed in the genre which is a testament of her devotion to daytime serials.  She had this to say:

     "Additional special thanks to all the soap fans out there.  Without you there would be no
      story to tell.  Keep watching your soaps and fighting to save them!"

Season One of 'My Story' consists of 8 episodes that will be aired every other Friday beginning November 16th, available 12pm (ET).  We'll also get a new clip of 'Moments of Our Time' each week.

Watch: My Story Episode 1

This series has a ways to go, but I think the first episode is a good start.  It's smart, fun and respectfully pays homage not only to our soaps but also soap fans.  It's about time our voices are heard and 'My Story' will truly be THE FAN'S VOICE!


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