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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Big Frame: A Challenge to YouTube Multi-Channel Networks

Admit that your network may not be the best solution for every YouTube creator, and allow channels to switch (within reason) to the network that offers them the best fit. 

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  1. I would like to say as a producer I see the value of networks in an overall goal to raise funding and get paid for their creations, but I feel that the early youtube/starters that are at the top of these networks and youtube have put a "block" on the system that is supposed to support people and not Cock-block them. I guess if I was on their side and started on youtube early I would be defending my position on youtube to the death as well. But the iawtv and this industry has quickly become old media fast with the 1% up there hogging real estate just based on numbers, and closing deals to be distributed everywhere. If you don’t join them in their control, then good luck. Does this industry sound familiar?

    What the people running these networks don't get is that they need to take on at least 1-2 risks, -that is shows and projects that have a solid product but may not have the marketing or advertising or resources in a race against time to catch up with those numbers of shows that are of poor quality with high numbers for funding. Does this industry sound familiar? Call me a hater, that's fine by me. But continuing to fund shows with no future value or foresight into what's next as web video replaces TV, and giving these people unseemly staffs is mind numbing.

    Every show and project should be evaluated. There could be shows out there that could be funded for less overall based on the real support that they need. Production or marketing, -it's one or the other for each case. So there are shows out that are just waiting to be picked up.

    Lastly, its fine if you want to invite your friends into your network, -who doesn't want to work with their friends? But if that's your only business plan then don't be surprised when your boat takes on water quickly. Because if this is why we're making networks, as a way to stop others from stealing each other's thunder, then you should all go into another business.


    Scott Kushman

    Kushman Media LLC

  2. Thankt for your comment Scott. We have a community discussion page on this topic at


    I will copy your comment over to the discussion page, in the hope that it might stimulate some creative thinking on the topic.

  3. The people who first enter any field have in general a "first mover advantage" and this is no less true of YouTubers. However, they have by their investment of time and labor helped define the space.

    The history of networks dates back to collaborative channels such as The Station and this presents one model of how people can collaborate together in a less formal arrangement.

    The arrival of "corporate networks" is a relatively new phenomena and right now they all need cash flow to support the infrastructure they have created. Hence right now they are essentially gambling their futures on how, and who, they invest their available cash in.

    That is not to day they should not take risks, but the risk is greatly diminished if the channel/show has a proven record of being able to produce content that resonates with a large "audience" and draws significant views. There may come a time when they invest in less proven properties, but if history is any indication, they will prefer to invest in their own original programming.


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