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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Into the Real World

We were back in the studio this weekend for the first time since the holiday break.  This is also the first time we have been filming since the show has launched.  And after months of working in relative isolation, it was a little strange to realize we are actually in a fishbowl. 

This week not only found us filming in a new location, but it brought some new characters to set.  Deborah Rinn Critzer, who will be playing one of my favorite characters in the entire show, came in greeting everyone by their character’s name, commenting “it’s like I know everybody already.”  That was an odd realization at this stage in the game.  We have been telling our cast that a web series is a marathon, not a sprint; that it takes time to build an audience, and that we have a lot of time and effort ahead of us before we will see the payoff.  Deborah’s recognition of their individual work on the series was unexpected but pleasant taste of what we hope the future holds.

As we get lost in the world of creation…of writing, filming, editing, marketing, and all the rest, it is easy to forget that the show has breathed life, has taken its first tentative steps into the big world.  So thank you to the friends and the fans who have reached out to give us feedback on the show; to comment on the characters, or ask what is happening next.  


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