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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meter Maids: Episodes 1-3

Meter Maids is a kinda-sorta NSFW show that follows a group of four traffic officers as they strive to make the streets of Los Angeles safe from parking offenders. The show skewers serious subjects like gun control, affirmative action, sexual harassment, girl-on-girl stuff, and Satanic human sacrifice of cute children.

What’s unique about the show is that every episode features one or more guest stars who have an online fan base. The guest stars for the three episodes below included:

Kristen DeLuca (Playboy Playmate).

Michael Rousselet (5 Second Films).

Mika Tan (Adult film star). 

Natalie Duran (Vlogger NDTitanLady).

Meter Maids Episode 1: Shyamalan 

Meter Maids Episode 2: Braces

Meter Maids Episode 3: Smart Water

The show is the brainchild of Peter Podgursky and Cindy Fang, who write, direct, and produce all of the episodes. Together they created Grumpy Panda Films and have been making cute yet irreverent videos that have been featured on Funny or Die, Slash Film, Racialicious, Obvious Winner, Freddy in Space, Channel APA, and Dread Central.

To see more Grumpy Panda videos go to: http://grumpy-panda.com/


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