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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The latest Dial-A-Ranger Episode

We're moving toward the season one finale for Dial-A-Ranger. The latest episode can be seen here....*drumroll*

The full season one playlist can be found here. We encourage folks to check out those eps, follow the story and throw us feedback too.

It started as just a way to have fun with something my friends and I really enjoy and something for us to work on while larger Web projects are in development. Besides how can you go wrong with spandex?

The season finale is Sunday and then we will go on a hiatus for a few months while we work on season two to bring more episodes, better episodes (everything for this was on the fly as you can get) and continuing the story of Stan and his journey toward being a hero. Seth Jones has been great in his role, regularly going up and beyond the call of duty for this project. Hopefully people have enjoyed him and stick with us for season two of this, and another web series of mine set to drop next month.

Check things out with Taurian Films.

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