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Thursday, January 10, 2013

To Punchy a Web Series

To Punchy – A web series

In the fictional town of Navarin, a motley crew of characters assemble in the aftermath of Punchy’s death. Who killed Punchy? Who is protecting the killer? In a tale of violence, vengeance and pride the lives of a kingpin, a gangster, a bounty hunter, and a kid intertwine.

To Punchy is a new web series, released on January 2013, sure to be added to any crime drama fan’s ‘must watch’ list.

To Punchy aims to push the boundaries of the web series’ currently being offered” says Will Murphy, the series’ writer director and producer. “The aim of the series is to offer viewers cinematic narrative storytelling right to their desktop – just a click away.”

Shot on the RED Scarlet Camera and made by a team of young industry professionals this project promises bright things to come.

The series starts with a bang when The Foreigner, part homeless drifter, part assassin, ruthlessly kills two and kidnaps an oblivious pedestrian. Filled with characters who could easily be found in a Tarantino/Rodriguez masterpiece, quick dialogue, snazzy comedic sequences and gritty action, To Punchy immediately grabs your attention and doesn't let go. To Punchy’s plot is driven by its eclectic characters - the bounty hunter Quiet with his creepy, sadistic manner; recruiter Suit, with his suave easy talking ways; and kingpin Rusty, with his worn out wisdom to name a few.

The first episode was scheduled released on Wednesday January 2nd 2013, with three more weekly episodes to follow. For the series and everything else To Punchy visit www.topunchy.com

If you want to view the series right now and all the bonus materials please go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/topunchyseries    

Here is Episode 1 to get you started!


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