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Monday, February 25, 2013

5 More Reasons To Create a Web Series

More and more traditional and newbie filmmakers are jumping into the web series production world, faster than ever before. You may already know why creating a web series is a good idea, but below I list some reasons that you possibly haven’t considered on why creating a web series is definitely a solid idea!

1. You can do a lot with very little – Creating a web series is extremely low cost compared to creating a TV series. With more options than ever before for financing and funding a web series, Kickstarter and other donation sites are becoming (some) filmmakers best friends. Sure, raising hundreds or thousands of dollars is never an easy assignment, but if you have a compelling story to tell and can emotionally connect with funding individuals with money to burn, then crowdfunding may work especially well for your project. If you can’t raise the ideal funding you’re looking for from the outside world, then consider hustling for a few bucks from your friends, family, and out of your own pocket to send things into motion. Be scrappy and creative because entertaining videos can be created for little or no money at all, and have the potential to reach millions of viewers across the world.

2. Cross Promotion – Individuals in the web series space are very open to cross promotional ideas if it means growing their audience. If you create a web series look for other shows in your genre and reach out to the creators/producers to strike up some top level marketing conversations. Don’t go overboard though otherwise your viewers will feel used and abused. Try to come off as offering them value for discovering new entertaining content that may interest them to watch and share. Be authentic, and listen.

3. No gatekeepers –  It seems pretty fun and exciting to think about creating a TV series doesn’t it?! The truth is it’s a tough business to get into, the chances of your show getting picked up are pretty much zero percent, and if it does get picked up the chances of it staying “on air” after just one season are slim to none and slim just left the station. With a web series you have lots of freedom, so put together a tight script, and start building your team with members who can visually execute your story and fulfill your vision. If you need to build a team, then consider posting your project on Spidvid.

4. No rules – You don’t need to worry about securing FCC approvals, or bureaucratic stumbling blocks. As long as you don’t break video sharing website’s terms of agreements, then you’re fine. You may want to read up on them real quick before you film anything to make sure your content will fit within their relatively loose restrictions. There may come a day when more red flags are raised forcing you to tone things down a bit, but that time isn’t happening anytime soon so get creative and push the envelop.

5. You may actually succeed – Let’s be honest here; not many web series see big time success. The ones that do have hundreds of thousands or millions of regular viewers, and manage to secure deals with top consumer brands to bake their products directly into the content. Branded entertainment is a fast growing market, so be sure that your content is “brand safe” and that you can easily accommodate a product in your story without disrupting it.

Have a 6th reason to add on why to create a web series? The comments are all yours below!

- Article published by Jeremy Campbell.


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