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Monday, February 18, 2013

Changelings: The Webseries

Hi everyone! I'm Carly Bryann Young, writer and director of an original fantasy action-adventure webseries that is currently in pre-production, called ‘Changelings’

Synopsis for 'Changelings: The Webseries'

“Legends, folktales, and bedtime stories all spoke of creatures called Fae. But no one thought they were real - until the Fae invaded. Now it is up to a rag-tag group of teenage survivors to save the town of Hawthorne:

Miranda, chronicler of the Fae invasion, who is hiding a dark secret...
Gordi, an escaped human prisoner of the Fae, in search of his long-lost parents...
Darcy, a mysterious girl who looks like Miranda...
Surder-dude Jaron, nature-activist Clair and pacifist Emerson - royal heirs of the various Fae clans who are having trouble reconciling with the cruel customs of their people...
And then there is bad-boy rocker Axel, who helped instigate the invasion in the first place - but is he evil, or just misguided?

These teenagers are the only ones who can bring bring peace... if they don't kill each other first.”

Here is the promo for 'Changelings: The Webseries':

[Note that there have been some minor adjustments since this was first posted to Youtube – for example, due to a new plot twist my sister Audrey is now playing both Darcy and Miranda]

If you want an idea of what the finished webseries is going to be like, I have a novelization of it published as a serial on Wattpad, with a new chapter posted each week: Wattpad

Check out our website for concept art, updates and more: Palladine Studios

A little bit about me: I've filmed original film shorts that have gotten a lot of views on Youtube - one was edited at the studio of my friend Terry Rossio (writer of 'Pirates of the Carribean') and another got over 10,000 views and was featured on Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer's blogs. One of my stageplays placed in the Top 20 of the 2007 Young National Playwright's Competition in New York.  If you want to know all the stuff I’ve been up to, check out my resume on Linkedin.

If you have any questions or comments about my webseries, please let me know!
Carly Bryann Young


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