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Saturday, February 9, 2013

GUIDES Episode Five: The Rabbit Hole Is Deep And Dark

While Cree is working on a Presidential nomination, Dray reunites with an old friend. Meanwhile, MaKenna is on the hunt for the truth to what what really happened with Alice that night in the bathroom.

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  1. I tried re-posting my labels so GUIDES would show up in all caps, but now it's completely off the categories list. Can you tell me what to do it get it back on there please?

  2. Fixed.

    Yes, the Blogger url treats capitals and lower case as the different URL, so when you changed that around it removed all the videos from the old URL.

    The next step was to manually re-add your new URL to the category list which has now been done as GUIDES.


    We have to manually control the list because blogger only allows 500 and we have a total of over 6,600.


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