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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sharing Makes The World Go Around

[How to share a post} 

We all know that "social" is central to the growth of anything on todays World Wide Web. People give higher priority to content their friends enjoy.

This is where "sharing" becomes vital to the growth of a community like "Web Series Today". How can you help?

Sharing on our Google+ Web Series Today Community page.
Under every post on the Web Series Today Community  you will find the "share button" shown in the graphic below. It is right beside the +1 button, and looks like an arrow curved upwards and too the right.

Scroll down through the posts on the Web Series Today Community on Google+ and find the ones you think are important to the larger community on Google+. Then hit the share button and share it with one or more of your circles, or even publicly if you prefer. 

Sharing here on the blog. 
You can also share here on the blog. Under each post you will see the following options:

You can e-mail a post. You can Tweet a post: You can FaceBook a post. Or, you can simply +1 a post.  All of these are important since they all help grow the blog and the community it is based on.

It's That Simple?
Yes its that simple, but its also vitally important. Beyond posting content here and leaving comments which are also important, this is an opportunity for you to help grow the community. And a growing community is good for us all!

So, get busy. Start sharing. 

On the community page: Sharing Makes The World Go Around:


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