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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Welcome To New "Authors"

We recently added a new batch of "authors" to Web Series Today. Welcome!!!!! Check your in-box for an "author invite" and a welcome e-mail. Always remember that our key mission is to keep the community up to date with what is going on in the Web series World. Note that because of high demand the "author invites" expire after a few days, so you should check your e-mail and accept the invite, as soon as possible.  If you cannot find the invite in your e-mail in-box, you should check your junk mail/spam folder.

Note that we are now requesting that all new "authors" (in addition to any community members who want to) join our new Web Series Today Community on Google+.

Join now: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity

The reason why this is important was explained in the e-mail you received but in short it helps "authors", creators and the community interact in a way that in the long run benefits the blog here.

Secondly, it is vitally important that new "authors" read ALL the directions (including links provided) carefully before posting. The directions are provided based on issues that have arisen in the past. If you ignore them, not only do you make the blog look bad, you make yourself look bad, and ultimately that hurts the entire community. Worse still it consumes a great deal of time and energy trying to correct the issues that arise as a consequence. So, take the time, review the documentation, and once you feel comfortable that you fully understand the conventions on the blog, begin to post.

Thirdly, as has been reiterated numerous times, the way to embed a high definition video on the blog is via a "640 x 360" embed. Learn how to do this correctly, as described in the directions, BEFORE you begin to post. This is perhaps the most common error that is made, so again pay attention to the instructions provided and if you are in doubt ask a question via comments here on the blog.

Fourthly, remember to add tag/labels to your post as described in the directions. Having the specific Tag/Labels requested is again vital to the smooth functioning of the blog, so please do not leave them out!

Again, before you begin posting, please make sure you have read the following very carefully:

 1. How to get the most out of Web Series Today: http://bit.ly/howtoWST

 2. Web Series Today FAQ: http://bit.ly/WSTFAQ

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  1. All current requests should have been fulfilled. If you have submitted an "author request" and did not receive a "welcome e-mail" you should submit a new request a.s.a.p.


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