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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Shotgun Mythos


 While I would love to say that we have had a productive weekend of filming, but the Fates have conspired against us. (And maybe that serves us right for writing about them...the Fates are not to be trifled with, after all!) At any rate, a string of problems ranging from family crisis, to car troubles to the flu knocked our cast out one by one. So I am sitting in an empty studio, catching up on various projects and juggling the schedule yet again. We did have a great shoot at a bar earlier this week. The Bourbon Room in Fredericksburg, VA allowed us to come in and shoot before they opened, called in some of their regulars to act as extras and were generally fantastic!

 A lot is going on at the moment. We are just weeks away from our trip to Raven-Con in Richmond, VA. We are designing collector cards for our cast to take to the event and ordering other promotional items to hand out as well. Fun stuff that we think fans will enjoy and will keep us out there and get the conversations started! I will post photos as we get the items in! We also got the beta of the old school pen and paper role playing game that we will be releasing to go with the show. One day this week we will be getting together all of our geek friends to test the system!

 We also had a great interview on Decoding Mythos this week. Daniel F. Purcell is a great actor who just has a small role in this season but plays a much larger part in things to come. Decoding Mythos-Daniel F. Purcell


  1. It will all work out...you will get to finish that shoot another day and it will be even better than you thought it would be. A similar thing has happened to Pink Slip involving the loss of a key cast member who shall remain nameless.....but it's all good...you will see.

  2. LOL. Pink Slip...I know you are right. There have been days when I wanted to bang my head on the desk, but every time something has come up like this, the project has come out even stronger. And I think perseverance will win the day!

  3. There you go juggling again:)

    One of these days you really need to Juggle For World Peace!!!!!!!


  4. LOL. One of these days I need to stop juggling so much! :)


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