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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shotgun Mythos Update: Cause to Celebrate!!

After weeks of trials and tribulations, a great week and cause to celebrate!  And we wanted to share with our friends on Web Series Today!

As I have posted on here previously, we have had an ongoing comedy of errors, with cast dropping out at the last minute, doing rewrites on the set, schedules being thrown into the blender due to weather, flu season and family dramas.  We have had to improvise props, sets and think on our feet.  But it is all part of the game when working on a no-budget production.  

This week, however, things have started to swing back in our favor...(I guess those Fates realized we were not going to be intimidated by adversity and decided it was time to throw us a bone, or a steak!)

Cause to Celebrate #1:  3 hours of completed video.  We realized this week that we have released over 3 hours of creative content so far.  There is a lot more to come, but we were thrilled to realize that we have provided that much content thus far!

Cause to Celebrate #2:  A productive weekend of shooting.  Saturday was a beautiful thing.  And experienced stage actors are amazing.  We filmed from 11am-7pm yesterday, completing 20 pages of the script!  That is an extraordinary amount of work, and our cast delivered outstanding performances.  Today was another great day, with 4 scenes with a newly recast character who brought some humor to the role, and a couple of fight sequences.  Overall, 14 scenes shot in 2 days. Which almost catches us up from the disasters of the past few weeks.  So a special thanks to Marcus Lawrence, Steven Matos, Monique Gaw, Julian Gordon, Lindsay Day, Brandon Wheeler, Zoe Gaige, Gary Cramer and Chris Shoemaker.  You guys all came ready to work, and are heroes in my book!

Cause to Celebrate #3:  New Fans!  In addition to being the lead in the series, Marcus Lawrence also has a band, which had a performance last night.  While at the concert, he met some fans of the show.  They came up to talk to him about the series, asking questions about what was coming up and discussing some of the details of the series.  We release new episodes weekly, and on the 4th week release an "As it was written" episode, which plays like a TV show.  These fans make a party of it on that 4th week, getting together to watch the new full episode on their TV!  And that's pretty cool.  

Cause to Celebrate #4:  Leaving no-budget status behind.  After a year of work, we have gotten an investor who likes the story, loves our cast, and appreciates our dedication and sheer bloody-minded stubbornness.  He has committed to providing us with a budget which will upgrade our equipment and improve our production quality, as well as a marketing budget to help us promote the show.  So while we are wrapping up production on Season 1, we are looking forward to the increased production value that we now know will come with Season 2. 

Moral of the story:  Never Give Up, Never Surrender!


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