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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lets Get Dirty!

A few words from Ascher Crowe (Ryan Singer),
Stella (Jacki Flynn), & Uncle Phil (Greg Massey) on
Zombie Socks Series 1: Episode 3 - Disgusting Careers!
Ryan Singer           
Going into the backwoods of Georgia to shoot with the Zombie Socks crew was thrilling, chilling, and a lot of fun! I would do it again in heartbeat and look forward to seeing what other deranged funny they come up with in the future. Getting dirty, bloody, and funny with the crew was a great experience. It was definitely better than I expected, much bigger operation and very professional environment. Doing web series shoots can be so mysterious, you just never know what you're getting into.

Jacki Flynn
From the day I joined the Zombie Socks team it felt like family. Elizabeth told me I HAD to play Stella in Episode 3 and was perfect for the part. I felt welcomed and needed. Everything was a breath of fresh air with how professionally the team works – constant communication, clear plans and expectations, and of course – excellent production quality. I watched Episode 1 before my audition and just knew being a part of this team would mean being part of a high-quality production that was fun to make. Being on set with this crew was a BLAST… they work hard and fast, demanding quality and not wasting any time. We laughed in between takes, and got down to business when the camera was rolling. The team’s PAs treated me like royalty, helping me in any way possible when it was my turn to shoot. Most importantly, when I saw the final product, I was incredibly pleased. Elizabeth is a perfectionist in the best way possible. I hope to continue working with this crew for many episodes to come! One of the perks of being cast in Episode 3 was getting to work with L.A. comedian, Ryan Singer. He was HILARIOUS and so fun to film with. I love that Elizabeth continues to work on getting bigger names involved in the show.I also enjoyed getting to film a piece for the Undead Together music video, and all in the same day as filming for Episode 3! When you work with Zombie Socks, you really get the most out of your time and efforts - getting involved in multiple pieces for maximum exposure and the most amount of fun!
Greg Massey
Having the opportunity to work on the Zombie Socks series was, WORK.... HA!  I had great fun and got to deviate from my usual position in the Motion Picture Industry as a Scenic Artist.  I designed and dressed the sets including teaching myself to build bloody Zombie body parts.  I used "John", a corpse last seen on the Walking Dead and many movies including The Island and Piranha 3D for the chop shop scene. He had been seen on camera so many times they "retired" him to me.  I had the opportunity to speak on this show and work with some talented and funny people including Ryan Singer. I wore many hats including being a Producer, Actor, Set Designer, and Special Effects Lead.  I am proud of the commitment given by everyone in the show and would love to work with any of them again. Everyone pulled their weight and some worked several positions to make this happen. Thank you to everyone involved and to Elizabeth Stacy for asking me to be a part of this series.  I look forward to doing this again soon. Please support us so we can bring you more laughs.

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