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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OJ in Bishop's Garden: A Labor of Love Story & Your Guide to Freebies

Where’s Season 1? And Your Guide to Freebies

We’ve already mentioned that a lot of people have been asking us about where the title of "Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden (OJBG)" comes from, so we wrote a blog post explaining why Orange Juice, why Bishop’s Garden. We received a few comments from fans expressing their dismay that Season 1 is in the vault and available for purchase as a download. We were sad to see this! OJBG is truly a labor of love and we have definitely tried our best to provide viewers with the best and most accessible content. So here’s our explanation as to where and how you can watch Season 1 and your guide on how to get OJBG goodies free of charge.

The “Why”

Otessa decided to put Season 1 “in the vault” because honestly it works better as a prequel, something to come back to at the very end of the show, after you’ve gone through the whole Sarah & Gwen experience. Otessa also feels that it’s not the best introduction or representation of what OJBG is as a series overall . She specifically wrote and directed Season 2 as a new beginning for the show. She wrapped up story lines, got rid of a few characters and developed others, and established new footing to fully develop the Sarah and Gwen story arc. These were conscious artistic choices she made to make OJBG a better web series to watch.

Also, when OJBG went viral within the LGBT community, OJBG received a bunch of noise from viewers who watched Season 1 expecting to see a lesbian story line! By that time, word was getting out about our show as a lesbian favorite, but in Season 1, Sarah’s still straight because, it’s the ’90s and that’s what was expected of her. But her character is still questioning, going through a process, and when she meets Gwen in Season 2, she’s ready for her.

Lastly, we’re an indie production- we need all the help we can get! We provide almost all our content for free online for anyone to enjoy. But everyone involved in making OJBG happen poured their passion and their love into the project. It is truly a labor of love. We always believe in supporting our fellow web series and indie artists so that they can do what they love and be able to support themselves with their passion. We would love to do the same! So a few dollars for a download, or shopping from our Etsy wardrobe, or buying a book in support goes a long way and we do appreciate it!:)

Your Guide to OJBG Freebies

We did put Season 1 in the vault, but we did give you some loopholes around it and many opportunities to get OJBG goodies for free! If you want to view Season 1 and can’t spare a few bucks to support, LIKE us on Facebook or Tweet us your OJBG love and we’ll send you a FREE DOWNLOAD of ANY episode of  your choosing — including Season 1 episodes in the vault. And as we gear up for the release of Season 7(!!) we’ll be hosting special Twitter and Facebook giveaways so be sure to follow our posts!

We also host Goodreads giveaways where you can win Otessa’s script books for free. You can also reach out to us and request a FREE ebook and we’re always happy to send it your way.
The Season 1 feature film was also just posted on our site so that you can watch the ENTIRE season with back to back episodes for FREE now :) But this feature is only up for a week, so get your watching in while you can!


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