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Friday, May 10, 2013

So… why exactly is it called Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden?

We’ve been getting lots of questions lately about where the title of our web series comes from. “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden” is a mouthful, and an unusual one at that. So I’ve decided to sit down and spill it all out for you.

First, it’s all explained in the very first two episodes of the show. They’re now “in the vault,” and are available for download on our Shop page. Also, we offer them FREE to awesome fans who create video responses to our episodes telling us why they love OJBG, or any questions they have for creator Otessa Ghadar or any cast members.

But to answer the question! Why Orange Juice? Why Bishop’s Garden?

Staring with OJ. It has something to do with how everyone always says say it’s good for you, but, honestly, it just doesn’t go well anything! Like after you brush your teeth, eating pancakes– it’s no bueno. It gives you that sick, gross aftertaste in your mouth. But you drink anyway. In the first episode you find Sarah and her BFF Kris sneaking a smoking break with Marlboro Reds, listening to a song: “I like you like I like my orange juice…” Sarah turns to Kris and says, “Sometimes I think the only reason I drink orange juice…” and Kris finishes it for her, “…is because of this song.” It’s about the impressionability and nonsensical aspect of youth, getting under the influence– for things both good and bad for you.

Next, Bishop’s Garden. It’s a park by the beautiful National Cathedral in the heart of Washington, D.C. This is where all the OJBG teens meet at midnight, drink, and cause havoc while idle summer misbehaving. Under the auspices of the towering cathedral, they let loose, learn about love, insecurity, and how to have fun. Of all the places in D.C., where else can a kid blow off safely blow off some steam? They’ll get drunk (and not off OJ), do stupid stuff, but these nights are the ones they’ll remember. And so… Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden! Teen life summed up in a few enigmatic words. :)

And actually, Otessa hates drinking orange juice. She talks about the creation of her web series and diving into new media here. Any other questions? Tweet us or post it on our Facebook page!

Watch our Season 1 recap here: http://orangejuiceinbishopsgarden.com/season-1-recap/


  1. Taking down all of the first season of the show and then charging people $15 to watch a previously free to view show is not a good move. I could understand if you were charging to view episodes of the new season but charging to view the previous season is silly. It will put off potential viewers like myself who are curious and wanted to watch it. I get that you have costs but I don't think this is the way to do it.

    1. I would agree. It is very dangerous to treat content like this because people who watch a show tend to have an affinity for the context. When that context is taken away not everyone will respond well.

    2. We hear you! We're in the process of adding a Season 1 feature-length video onto our website as I type this! As an indie production, we're really trying to have our labor of love support ourselves, which is why we put the season "in the vault." But we definitely don't want to turn away viewers like you! We've realized that the context may have been lost, so we're trying to rectify that with the resurgence of our Season 1 feature-- which will be free! :) We definitely appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much!

    3. Here's a link to the Season 1 feature length video :) http://orangejuiceinbishopsgarden.com/season-1-feature-film/

      Also, we offer free episode downloads to people who join our mailing list. We also giveaway free season 1 ebooks :) Just like us an Facebook and post on our wall or follow us on Twitter and tweet your OJBG love and we'd be happy to send them your way!

      Season 1 is meant to be more of a prologue anyway-- the storyline mainly starts with the second season. We also created a Season 1 recap video highlighting the major points of Season 1 for interested viewers so they get acquainted with a few of the characters and events. We've really tried to do our best to please our viewers and we do provide 5 seasons worth of episodes FREE. As an indie production, we deeply appreciate any support people can give to for a show they enjoy watching. Thanks for watching!

    4. I would def recommend starting with Season 2 anyway. They've said many times that it's really the best place to start, which I agree with. And all of the best/important moments from Season 1 are in the recap on their website http://orangejuiceinbishopsgarden.com/season-1-recap/

      At the end of the day, the majority of the show is given away for free. If you like it, what's the problem with showing a little support???

  2. I always figured it was a nod to the many unusual titles for grunge and post grunge albums in the era when the show takes place. (Ala "Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness".)

    1. Well there's that too! A little mystery, silliness, and meaning in one absurd name :)


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