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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PHOTOS from PRIDE. Going Orange for the OJBG Tapestry Project!

This weekend the Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden cast and crew launched their "Go Orange" campaign for the interactive new media Tapestry Project at the Capital Pride Parade.

 Otessa Ghadar, creator of OJBG, wants to celebrate the web as a safe space comprised of compassionate and creative individuals. She recognizes that cyber bullying is a big problem affecting many LGBTQ teens online today. But as someone who has been involved with new media since the advent of the Internet age, she has also long appreciated the freedom of the web to create a safe space for youth of all types to connect. Otessa has actively been trying to foster this facet of the web and build an avenue online for nontraditional stories to be told by nontraditional storytellers.

The OJBG crew filmed this year’s Capital Pride Parade as part of the campaign to “Go Orange.” The crew has also began gathering personal and positive messages for LGBTQ youth to include in her new video project. We're selling t-shirts to raise money to donate to an organization supporting LGBTQ youth in particular. There's already an app for it too! Send in your photos of "Going Orange” to put your city on a map and share your story!

Acclaimed musician Jen Foster is Going Orange. Her new song “This is Me” is the sound of the Tapestry. Also, singer-songwriter and star of OJBG Ellen Winter has joined us with other beloved cast members, Aleca Piper, Andrew Cohen, Jessie Swire, and Desirae Zentz. We're lucky to also have Washingtonian and freelance journalist Marcus Dowling join the Tapestry. You can join us too! Share your story with us and Join the Tapestry! Going Orange is fun--just check out these photos! See more photos and get in touch via Facebook or Twitter!


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