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Friday, July 12, 2013

38 Weeks and Counting

Creating Shotgun Mythos has been a wild experience. We started pre-production in April of 2012, began shooting the series last September, and launched the prequel vlogs last October. Since then, we have aired new content every week...38 weeks and counting!! Any of you who create web series can imagine how pleased we are with that accomplishment! We have one day of shooting left to pick up some scenes for the finale of Season 1, and then we will be wrapped. So it looks like we will stay on track with no break at all in content release. But just because production on Season 1 is coming to a close does not mean we are getting a break! We are finishing scripting and casting for a short film to bridge the gap between Season 1 and Season 2. Filming for it will begin in September, and filming for Season 2 begins in January. So we are on the promotional trail for the series, attending conventions, getting out there and promoting the show. We are in the running for First Glance Films Movie Poster and One Sheet competition for our poster for Season 2 (Check it out...see some of the indie projects coming out, and vote! Link for ours is here

We are also excited that BlipTV has selected our most recent episode as a Featured Drama this week!

So as friendly bit of info for all our web series creator friends...stay the course.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed and unappreciated, but all of the work really is worth it and does pay off!


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