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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A 48 Hour Tale

I recently had the great opportunity to work as a writer for the Felton Films team during the 48 Hour Film Project Atlanta. A handful of other Zombie Socks Family members acted and crewed teams in several other groups as well. If you have never participated in a film race before it can be an incredible experience that tests your limits in every way possible. At 7pm on Friday June 14th we drew a genre at random (we got sci-fi), everyone was given a character and a description (this year was Liam or Linda Oakley Brown an inventor), and lastly a prop that must be incorporated (a towel). We then had 48 hours to write a 7min or less script, cast, shoot, edit, and deliver the finished product to the Mellow Mushroom in Midtown Atlanta. My team was right on target, worked seamlessly together, and came out on top! At the screening for our group on June 26th our film "One Last Time" blew the audience away and we took home the Audience Choice Award for our group! One month later on July 24th the top 6 were screened, along with the other juried prize winners! There were so many amazing films it was hard to pick our 3 favorites. In the end the Felton Films team walked away with 3 awards that night! We received our Audience Choice Award, Best Ensemble Cast Award, and, I am very happy to say, the Best Writing Award! I will say it again and again that being a part of this team will always be one of the biggest highlights of my film endeavors! Thanks so much to Ryan, Jennifer, Brandon, David A., David W., Brayden, Matt, Tom & the best writing partner ever Daniel!


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