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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A New Twist In The World of the UnDead!

Fans of the hit web series Miss Behave were sad to see it go, but have no fear, producer of the series Susan Bernhardt has another one on deck and just launched an Indiegogo campaign.  She has teamed up with McCracken Live!'s Brian Beacock to bring you a very intriguing and unique semi-dark comedy called Acting Dead. Described as a cross between Arrested Development and Shawn Of The Dead, it's clearly a HUGE leap from Miss Behave

What is Acting Dead about?  Actors trying to make it in Hollywood know how tough it can be, so what do you do if you've hit rock bottom and are fed up with the rat race? Two friends who have been fighting to make it to the top decide to bank on the explosion of Zombie shows being produced and literally become "the undead!"
Tate and Alex think it's a brilliant plan, however, quickly find the same problems being a Zombie as being a human with an added wrinkle...a hunger for brains! Follow them as they navigate through auditions trying to act dead, as well as feed their ever-growing appetites for human flesh!  

I spoke to Susan Bernhardt and stars of the new series Brian Beacock and Jillian Clare about this macabre comedy with a twist.  

Bernhardt explains the thought process behind creating this new series.  "Both Brian and I have deep roots in the web series community and are passionate about independent television.  We learned so much with our initial New Media efforts, McCracken Live! for Brian and Miss Behave for me.  It seemed like a natural partnership to produce something together and this script is the perfect marriage of comedy and horror. Really exciting things are happening, and we haven't even produced it yet!  We have more BIG reveals forthcoming, including cast announcements, but in the meantime, please donate, earn some pretty spectacular perks and be part of our team!"

After his first success breaking through the web world with McCracken Live!, meeting so many talented people and making new friends, Beacock is really looking forward to producing, as well as starring in this new collaboration.  "The idea that I could develop an idea, a story, and then with the partnering of an amazing producer Susan Bernhardt (Miss Behave) make that idea come to fruition in just a few months was exciting to me."  He went on to describe season one will be shot in ten days, unlike McCracken Live! which took 6 months to film.  According to Beacock, Acting Dead will begin filming October 12, so those who donate to the project will see it in 2014.  "If you donate, you are going to be a part of something that is happening.  That will be completed and you will be able to see early next year! Lots of campaigns are ambiguous about the project and sadly lots of them never see the light of day."  This will not be the case with Acting Dead.

For Miss Behave darling Jillian Clare the project couldn't have come at a better time,. "I seem to be at a weird age where I can't play my real age, and I'm no longer believable as a 15 year old.  So when Brian and Susan approached me with this, I was more than happy to able to be a part of something so original and cool."  While Miss Behave was definitely within the soap opera genre, Clare explains Acting Dead  is a complete 180 and far cry from it . "Miss Behave was created for teens with an edgy approach, somewhat similar to Skins.  It was definitely a dramatic soap opera feel...whereas this project is completely opposite.  It's a quirky comedy, still with a darker tone, but you'll be able to see all of us in a much different light.  I'm excited to be doing comedy again!"

Not only will Clare and Beacock star in this innovative new series, many of our favorites are back including Patrika Darbo and Chris Galya.  There are a plethora of guest stars set to appear- hottie Eric Martsolf, Christine Lakin, John J. York and Sheila-Sheila among other heavy hitters.  

If you love qurky, weird, off-the-wall comedy with a twist, Acting Dead is sure to be the next web series sensation.  Beacock adds, "I can say this,  if you're a fan of shows like Arrested Development, Parks and Rec and The Office...add to that a bit of comedic horror element and you're in for a treat."

Be a part of this new venture!  With only 20 days left to reach their goal, please take a look at Acting Dead and what New Media has in store for this witty, intriguing new dark comedy.



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