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Monday, October 14, 2013

Horror Hotel,  an anthology series featuring intriguing stories inspired by The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, has just released their first season. Over a year in the making, creator Ricky Hess says "we are so excited to finally present to the world this new web series that was a collaborative effort of over 80 cast and crew members from the Atlanta film community that included industry professionals and film students alike. Our goal was to start with good storytelling like the beloved series The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock and combine it with good production value and more modern day subject lines."  You will find sci-fi, horror, mystery and suspense genre's in the episodes that includes aliens, androids, ghosts, gangsters and psychotic killers to name a few of the guests at the Hotel. Writer Al Hess certainly wore his creative thinking hat for the story ideas which includes a mind reading tooth invented by Nikola Tesla ("Tesla's Tooth"), a charm cut from the guillotine of Marie Antoinette ("Guillotine") that gives women supernatural seductive charm and even the 'alive' severed hand of magician Harry Houdini ("Houdini's Hand") which terrorizes two burglars who steal it from safe cracker Stumpy Nixon. Episode "Bookworm" is a Hitchcock style tale of a wacky woman obsessed with obtaining her favorite authors unpublished manuscripts after his death and she will stop at nothing to do so. "Invader" is a Ray Bradbury, Twilight Zone style story in black and white about whacky residents at the hotel who become suspicious of alien activity and target a sci-fi writer. "Tilt" is another sci-fi episode about an android and her abusive owner who kidnap a well know computer hacker to sell him to the Russian mob. The plans and plot get all twisted up when the android, Skinny, gets damaged and turns the tables.

The stories are driven by greed, deadly desire, lust, vanity, and obsession to name a few. The Horror Hotel is the great equalizer in the state of the human condition, but don't expect it to always be fair. Welcome to the Horror Hotel. Here's your key, step on in.

Horror Hotel web series website


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