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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nick & Seaton's Palace of Sexy Secrets say Merry Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, lurking like some kind of midnight creeper, there in the shadows waiting for its prey, wearing a trench coat knitted from green and red wool, now is the season for Christmas themed web videos.

There are all kinds of Christmas themed web videos out there; there's the musical extravaganzas like Jan Terri's Excuse Me Christmas, there's the viral family greeting cards such as the Holderness Families Xmas Jammies and there's the pornographic videos featuring ho ho ho's who promise to delight your baubels wearing little more than a thin strip of tinsel and singing joyous Christmas Carols, provided the carol's a series of atonal grunts and groans. (No link included here).

And Nick & Seaton's Palace of Sexy Secrets is no different. (No different from the Christmas themed web videos in general, not the specifically nude, wrestling and covered in egg nog thing).

After two seasons of sketch comedy, Nick Hunter and Seaton Kay-Smith, the two creators of the series  have dipped into the Christmas Turkey and pulled from it's stuffed innards a short christmas inspired sketch to ring in the holidays, A Very Sexy (Secret) Christmas. It features the two characters, Nick as Civilian and Seaton as Anti-Terrorism Agent as they deal with a suspicious package which has been left under the Christmas tree overnight.

So get that yule log burning and cover yourself in sexy tinsel with this Christmas themed video from Nick & Seaton's Palace of Sexy Secrets and if you would like to see their two previous seasons, you can check out their youtube channel or find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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