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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Ushers Ep 2 - The cursed girl - #Theusherswebseries

Ep. 2 -  The cursed girl

Second episode of The Ushers - A Dark Tale of a Bright Night, the webseries written by Chiara De Caroli and directed by Andrea Galatà - follow us also here https://www.facebook.com/TheUshersWebseries

Remember: madness is the way we call what we don't know, and that we fear…believe it’s an hallucination, a dream or a ghost, Edgar Usher is warning Father Damien he’ll have to understand a new meaning of the word “believe”. While in Madrid a painter seems to have gone crazy for too much falling into the power of a symbol, Maria tear her heart apart confessing to Father Damien how her desire to have a baby drove her to a “curse” hidden somewhere in a hospital in Berlin. And another call from London comes…

Starring: Andrea Galatà, Chiara De Caroli, Gerry Shanahan, Tom Shaker, Francesca Lana, Manuel Pena Suarez, Estela Calabuig Lòpez
DoP: Guglielmo Pinsone (Italy and Berlin), Niamh Kennedy (Ireland)
Music by Alessandro Fusto
Main Theme Marco Buschini

Shot in: Rome (Italy), Madrid (Spain); London (UK), Berlin (Germany)


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