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Saturday, December 14, 2013

NEW EPISODE: Broken At Love Episode #14: "Taken to the Woodshed"

The sixth new episode of Broken At Love Season 2 (and 14th of the series) is here.

Episode #14: "Taken to the Woodshed" is an entirely female driven episode. Starring Karolina Sivas, Co-Starring Carly Reeves, and Guest Starring Tobie Elizabeth Easton, Kelsey Long, Myiea Coy, Rachel Wilde, and Thia Schuessler.

Watch Here:

And you can catch up on the entire series at www.brokenatlovetheseries.com or www.youtube.com/BrokenAtLove

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  2. Fun piece, glad I don't go to meeting like that. And Viv, with friends like Olvia, you don't need enemies.


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