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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Australian Comedy Content in 2014

Two thousand and fourteen, spelt here with letters and not the traditional numerics, because I hate starting sentences, let alone paragraphs, let alone blog posts with numbers, looks to be an exciting year in Australian local content. 

It's only 20 days into 2014 and already there have been some high quality web comedy sketches emblazoned upon our internets down here in what IceHouse has referred to as the "Great Southern Land". 

We've had more short pieces from Nick & Seaton's Palace of Sexy Secrets, with their most recent exploit involving a perfume called Eternity in "Sex, Secrets & Parfum".  

Cameron James has teamed up with Genevieve Fricker for their collaboration, Gen Plus Cam, which has offered some love advice in their video, "The Art of Seduction" which is especially helpful in those times when you require love advice. This is a stylish follow up to their debut video, "How Do you Like Your Coffee?" which came out way back in 2013. 

Nick Capper, Joel White and Shane Matheson all appear in an episodic series called "Joel's Taxi" an offshoot of HIV (That's HIV standing for High Intensity Video not HIV standing for "Horses In Vests", an animal sex forum, probably). This is the first of three episodes, so stay tuned, if that's something you can do on the internet for episodes two and three coming later on. (Gradually as we move toward digital television and radio, the idea of staying tuned to something will make less and less sense and remain solely as a relic of the past. Fun times ahead!)  

And Skills in Time, the previously Brisbane based brain-spawn of Henry Stone, Sam Campbell and Greg Larson, have just released their latest video, "Australia in 1 minute" which goes for one minute and forty five seconds, which is not a problem, but I don't know why they lied to us. It seems mean and unnecessary, regardless, it's a quality watch.   

So, world, keep your eyes peeled like a gross banana shaped eyeball for Australia's 2014 videos, that's videos that will be made in 2014, 2014 is not the amount of videos that will be produced. However, if that turns out to be the case, won't that be something? Probably not.

* It's worth pointing out here that this is not a complete list of anything, just what I am aware of, if you're an Australian comedy content maker making content in 2014, why not comment on this post or drop me a line on Twitter @seatonks  


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