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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Let's celebrate Web series by, for and about actors

For #WebSeriesWednesday, post every single Web series you can think of created by actors who are just trying to make it and the characters they created are actors just trying to make it.

Let's celebrate Winners first, because they actually wrote "make it" in their video description ... and it's a quality production.

And The F-List is gleefully self-conscious about it.

When posting contributions ... no judgement. Because sometimes it's hard to get crew to help if it's one's reel, but they will be more inclined, if one says it's a Web series.

Oh, and for this one, please do not hesitate to share your own.


  1. The scripted web series space has been so dominated by writers the last 6 years that I almost dread watching new shows. (Especially out of LA or NY.) The basic problem has been when you have a writer/director/producer, more often than not they don't let the actors act because they think the STORY should be the star. This is a fundamental problem in the industry as a whole which is why you are seeing constant long pauses and people starring off into space looking dead behind the eyes and it passing for good acting.

    I write my own projects but usually downplay said writing because I do mostly genre stuff. (In that part of the business the genre itself is the star, the story can be discovered if it doesn't suck.) I also try to push my actors as much as possible and try to create my own star system when making videos. I'd rather my cast get seen and move on to bigger productions because the more this happens, the more people will want to work for me too. (Roger Corman is a legend for this very reason.)

    Overall I think creators need to give their actors a chance to shine rather than stunt them with their "precious words". Scripts lying on a table don't have life, can't be sexy, funny, sad, happy, likeable or detestable. Don't forget that.

    1. Wow. The one opportunity for self-promotion, and no one took it. XD

  2. Having a connection online between actors/cast and audience (participants) is certainly important. This gives you a chance to build an audience and leads to unique interactions online that add depth and layers to the content. As I have mentioned before even TV shows are beginning to realize this. Just look at Twitter during any new CW TV show. You will see their cast actively involved. Sometimes there is even interactions between the cast of different CW shows. Now Twitter is just one of the tools available, and Web Series have a lot more freedom to explore than TV series.

    Surprisingly many series think that crating a story online is all it takes. Those days are long gone except for a few luckY series that find themselves adopted by a large online community. People want to knows actors/characters and the Web gives you that opportunity. Actors/characters that are "likable" can go a long way to helping you build an audience (participants).


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