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Thursday, March 20, 2014

lonelygirl15: We will not be stopped.

A rather strange message was left in the lonelygirl15 IRC chat channel last night:
lg15chat: Knock knock.
lg15chat: We are here..
lg15chat: We are everyhere.
lg15chat: We will not be stopped. lg15chat: 6/9/14

What could it mean? 6/9/14?


  1. Obviously they are rubbish at knock, knock jokes.

  2. Maybe that's when the old forums will be back...

  3. Or the rights holders are desperate to cash in on the franchise they bought.
    Or someone in the community needs publicity for their project.
    Or someone was checking which of us still join there.

  4. Number nine?…number nine?…number nine?
    Well, all oral sex jokes aside, 6/9 is 3 days past Cassie's birthday, 1 week before the anniversary of the first LG15 video, and 9 days before Paul McCartney's birthday. In other words, I have no idea.

  5. Wait…are these numbers P-Monkey's ratings on cookies again?

  6. Replies
    1. Bree and Tachyon were last spotted on Kiev. Warpylol is on flight MH370.

  7. Waiting…but it's early yet.

  8. LG15chat: We are here.


  9. Hmmmmmm wish I had a computer instead of only my phone :(

  10. There will always be a day, when the world will [email protected]


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