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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Alli: Adventures in South Africa and Swaziland!

Here's a video summary of my last trip to South Africa and Swaziland. Michael Buckley and Taryn Southern and I met up with the CEO of The Thirst Project, Seth, and we got the chance to experience what life is like for the people in rural areas of Africa who do not have access to clean, safe water. One of the wells that we show was funded by YOU GUYS! You gave clean water to people who desperately needed it, and they will be able to focus on education, family and daily life without the worry of water-borne illness. It was truly an eye-opening experience, and I hope you guys enjoy the footage and learn something about the good work they're doing over at The Thirst Project.

 Read up on the organization: http://thirstproject.org


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