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Sunday, June 15, 2014

StillAlive09: Maddison Atkins returns?

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/maddison.atkins

FB "like" page: https://www.facebook.com/maddisonatkinsarg

Join the IRC chat room: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=MaddisonAtkins

 LA DISPUTE LYRICS http://www.plyrics.com/lyrics/ladispute/nine.html

From dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cl1nmo04u47b8nk/help.docx

Miss Lamar,

In advance I offer you my apologies. We were intended to never meet; however current developments have left me with no other opti on but to blindside you in this manner, and for that I am truly sorry.

I am also sorry for the hoops you had to jump thro ugh to get to this point. If you have stuck with me this far, I pray you're comm itted to seeing this through. You are the spark that will light a signal fire, though this may take several strikes. These lengths might seem unusual to you, but it's for you r safety, mine, and countless others.

There's a large chance that who I am will always r emain at least somewhat of a mystery. For now I can say that I am a relatively y oung person in a complicated situation, and I have begun to question the ethics o f those around me.

The more I find out about these people and their mo tives, the more I am terrified. Lives are at risk. I'm so sorry.

The only thing that allows us this luxury of commu nication is time. My associate and I are both able to live with mild inter ference, but before the summer's end we will be moved to parts unknown and from there a ll communication will cease. Beyond this letter, all of our communication will be scant, brief, and heavily encoded.

You and I alone are powerless, but there is a stron g chance that between us both we know the right people to assist us in undoing these wrongs. If all has gone according to plan then you have been connected, at le ast in a small way, to a community who specializes in puzzle solving. They are more valuable than you know. However, one person from that community whose attention we need at the moment will not be present among them. As far as we can prove, this person is dead. This person happens to be your oldest childhood friend. 

Find this friend, and when you do, explain to them all the contents of the package I sent you. From that point on, nothing I o r my associate share with you should remain private. All of your actions should be documented. A camera will help you, and should push come to shove, it may be the thi ng that saves us all. There is no reason for you or your friend to want t o go to such risks to help me, but if you do and we are successful, you will hav e been an instrument in bringing a great evil to justice. Our relationship will be b ased on a certain level of faith. I have faith that you will come through for us. Help if you can, 

Maddison Atkins 2.0 Story with all Response Videos

This is the entire Maddison Atkins story complete with all video responses from her friends on the internet.



  1. From in talezine chat: Maddison send a few people a FB msg: "eyes open look up", morse code found on her page, deciphered to be a stanza from LA Dispute lyrics. HIdden box and light arrow on message and a ciphered link at bottom message...leading us dropbox letter to Miss lamar

  2. update: talezine Received IM from Maddison Atkins saying "eyes open look up". Went to her facebook page and found a morse code. Decoded to a line from a song LA DIspute. Also on the clue was ciphered code (easy one) with a DOCX. link. On the note, a bit hidden, was a box with an arrow hinting to drop box.

  3. update: talezine There is a short morse code above a line of characters on the lower right side of the picture. The morse was shift 9, the code under was deciphered by shifting the letters nine spaces. The song did not help us cipher the dropbox. It was part of the morse code, and thus was not necessary for the cipher to find the letter

  4. from fb: The morse code, after three re-translations (and rechecks) does NOT translate perfectly as reported earlier. The actual translation is:
    There is a word "will" missing before the word "listen" that is in they lyrics. The "?" marks are false morse codes ".-.-.." IF split, this patter can become AL [.- .-..] or RD [.-. -..]
    Although, if not split, they are not true morse code. Furthermore, what of the missing "will" from the lyrics... Read carefully: https://www.facebook.com/maddisonatkinsarg/posts/1442023986052572?notif_t=notify_me

  5. Wintermute's looking at some disappointment. The wiki for Maddison 2.0 wasn't updated nearly as much as the lgpedia as game went on. So even if it had been archived there was nearly nothing TO archive.

    1. Most of the Maddison 1.0 information was moved from LGPedia to the new Maddypedia (at the request of the Maddison community) where Maddison 2.0 was added. That wiki has a also been removed from the Web unfortunately but we are trying to find a backup so that it can also be restored.

  6. https://twitter.com/LilMissLamar


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