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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

StillAlive09: "She Said Mr. Zipp"

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  1. talezine: “PJ came to chat and recapped the entire story of Abby and Thomas' interaction and connection to Mr. Zipp; and what they were required to do. After this, we began kicking around where we go from here, and PJ agreed we seemed to be stuck with no real way to contact "anette" or "elizabeth”. Attention was turned to the pigeon, and PJ did say he would be willing to cut it open if we really wanted to, but we suggest filming Aurora shaking it and examining it for a crease. It was stated that we wish we could contact Anette and Elizabeth, and we stated it seems there is something we missed in Maddison Atkins old videos that may help us there. PJ agreed, and said he has been looking too (which suggests we should as well). Final focus was HOW aurora was found by Annette, as Aurora was no part of Maddison's adventure, and PJ stated he was surprised they found her since she moved around so much. Talezine stated not only that, but the fact Annette was aware Aurora knew PJ, where Aurora was, AND what her family’s address was. This lead PJ to a sudden realization, a secret he has been keeping from us. He hoped we would understand WHY he had to keep this secret, but then stated he had to try to track someone down (a HE). He asked us to keep fingers crossed...and if we did pray...to pray...and...now you are caught up.


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