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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Italian Royalty Arriving in Proper Manors

Italian Royalty Arriving in Proper Manors

Salt Lake City, UT - July 19, 2014 - Proper Manors, the award-winning hit online drama from Creator Pietro D’Alessio and Head Writer Brandyn Cross, has secured Italian Royalty to make an appearance on the hit show. The show, currently available on Blip.tv, Propermanors.tv and Youtube, will see the arrival of Contessa Aurora De Petris Fraggiani, playing herself, from Italy in Season 3, as a special guest of one of the wealthy younger characters on the show, Mick Barnes, played by Xander J. Allen. The Contessa currently resides in Massachusetts and does frequent public appearances promoting education and the arts.

Season three, unspooling in 2014, will continue to feature series regulars Walter Platz, Anne Sward, Orion Hansen, Aaliyah Lightfoot and Rebecca Peterson, as well as veterans Carolyn Crow Koskan, Corinne Broskette, Melinda Chilton, Zach Hursh and Brittney Jane, all who have returned for a 3rd year of production.

The show, which has earned 24 Filmed in Utah nominations, the Utah equivalent to the Emmy Awards, including a Best Actress win for Sward, and a Best Supporting Actress win for Chilton, as well as a nomination for Season 2 Makeup Artist Michelle Laino at the Indie Series Awards for Best Makeup, remains a Top 5 favorite within the Indie Series community.

Proper Manors is the story of the Italian American Sorrento family who have settled into the small town of Proper, USA. Their deep connections in the community present challenges for them as they traverse the dangers of small town American politics while trying to get ahead guarding their own secrets and agendas, while the youth of Proper are merely pawns in the games that adults are playing.

Season 3 of the show is being produced by Utah based Janis RB Photography and Starz & FX Photography. Episodes can be viewed at www.propermanors.tv.

David Jannone
Shilo Public Relations

Pietro D’Alessio
Executive Producer/Creator
Proper Manors LLC
@propermanors (Twitter)

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