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Thursday, July 3, 2014

#LawstinWoods Entire First Season

Howdy Folks! Oh so excited to share this video with you! This video is the entire first season of #LawstinWoods. Now that the first season has been released in full I decided to make this compilation video of the season. It has 1 intro, and 1 end-credit-roll. There are NO commercials in it at all! Well, none that I placed there, but you may see the ones that YouTube placed there. #LW Season 1 is comprised of 9 episodes. This video contains them all! Season 2 begins on Wednesday, September 3rd of this year, and will run until November 12th 2014, which is the season 2 finale. Season 3 will be being produced in the months of August, September, and October of this year, and will premiere on Wednesday, February 14th, 2015. #LawstinWoods seasons 1 & 2 star Jamie Morgan, Jeanne Rice, Kyle Millard, Julian Lowenthal, Bradley Voorhees, Paul Bright, and Mike Kane's Film & Music Info. Seasons 3 & 4 will star all of the above, minus Mike Kane, Conor Liam Bolton, along with some more new faces!
I hope you enjoy the entire first season of #Lawstin!!!


2 Side Notes:
Note #1: The Complete First Season of #LawstinWoods has a soundtrack that you can download for just 7 bucks, and stream for free online! It contains all 9 of the songs that played during the credit-rolls of each episode. It also contains all of the #Lawstin theme-score music! All money raised selling the soundtrack goes toward production cost of the 3rd and 4th seasons!

Note #2: The #LawstinWoods production team is now holding a fundraiser to help make production of the 3rd and 4th seasons run smoothly this year! If you financially back us with 10 or more dollars, you'll get some pretty amazing perks! Our fundraiser includes some examples of what our show is, and how it looks, it also contains hilarious bloopers, and some sweet cast interviews! So we hope that you take the time to watch the video, and read through all the spiffy perks you get when you donate. Our campaign accepts PayPal and any major credit-card. And if you don't have the means to make your own contribution we wholeheartedly invite to share this link on your social network accounts, because that, like backing us, is so extremely helpful to our show!

Thanks Guys, and we hope you enjoy the first season! 


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