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Thursday, October 16, 2014

What Is A Web Series: And Why I Like Them

In this new world of storytelling, where masses of creators are looking for an audience, they need only to look for a fragmented audience, audiences of one-on-one with a computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. You are not going to create a viral audience, you are going connect with an audience one view at a time and hopefully in the process have endearing conversations with an audience member like Vlogger- @Listersmate2 (YouTube channel), that has an understanding of what is a web series, and why he likes them. If you are a new web series creator just striking out in the art of online storytelling, this video will give you a place to start to gain an understanding of how and why people watch a web series. This video is charming, informative, insightful and comes from the HEART. Your personal connection with your audience will become just as important as the story itself. Being able to talk directly to the creators of a story is the most powerful component of being a web series audience, and one that "Hollywood" hasn't quite grasp yet; but they will. Storytelling has changed forever. Thank you @Listersmate2 for an enchanting conversation.


  1. I tend to use the word "participants" rather than "audience" because it better reflects the exchange that goes on between those who engage with a show and the show itself, its cast and crew. Audience is a throw back to the passive era of TV where the main exchange took place around the water cooler between viewers. Today we have much more active participation and that can easily be reflected in the wording we use.

    1. Excellent view point. I didn't think to change the terminology, but you are correct in that storytelling is being redefined. We're in that crazy period just before the new world order settles in with new ways of looking at things and new terminology to describe them gets embedded in our cultural. From now on, it's participant, for they ARE part of the story.

  2. That is an excellent point that a viewer of a web series should be called a "participant" instead of an "audience". However, I should have explained what I meant by the term "audience". In a previous video that I had done, I did it on the topic of "Are you catering to your Audience?" In the video I do talk about being able to relate to the demographic that you are talking to. This should be taken into account today when it comes to a web series. In fact, you could say that the people who watch them will be audience and the participants.....mainly for the fact that it is understandable and it can relate to his and/or her interests and will make the person want to participate in the growth of any series. In my opinion, the term "audience" is still very valid because if you don't get a core group of people who will watch....then you wont have anyone to participate and make the series grow.

    1. When one uses the term "audience" one tends to think in terms of "talking to" that audience. When one uses the term participant one tends to think in terms of "talking with". They are quite different and illicit a quite different response. It is really a question of putting your self on the same plane as participants and viewing them as equals as opposed to talking to an audience which almost by definition is on a different plane. The word "audience" is not inherently bad, but it does tend to set up what some would consider barrier that is actually harmful to the potential Web experience that could be generated if one looks at it in terms of participation instead.


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