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Friday, November 21, 2014

Angels In Paradise, A NEW dramatic action series

My team and I have just released, Angels In Paradise, or AIP, please give Episode 1 a look and let me know what you think.

Angels In Paradise, Episode One from Angels In Paradise on Vimeo.

If you like our show you can learn all about it on our vimeo channel or website. www.aipseries.com

I believe firmly in something I heard David Mamet say once: "I know I've done something good if people leave the theater arguing about it" AIP will be tackling controversial social issues that we hope will get today's Internet world wide water coolers buzzing.

If you like True Detective, Breaking Bad, or Sons of Anarchy we think you might like our show... Obviously we don't have their stars or budget, and I am in no way claiming to be at their level, but we have made it our goal to bring the same kind of morally torn interesting characters to AIP. What we do have is a dedicated group of committed artists attempting to do serious adult drama that speaks to the social and psychological issues of the times we're living in...(pretty rare in the world of web series) and do it in the most honest way possible.

Supermodel Magazine just did a cover story on our show and the state of the TV/Web Series Industry today. Very interesting. The first paragraph of the story:
"Episodic network television is dead! Everyone knows this. The only ones who won’t say it are those desperately clinging to an old model whose time has come and gone; their Golden Goose of television suddenly transforming into fools gold before their very eyes."

Jamie Paolinetti
Writer/Director - Angels In Paradise

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